Privacy Policy

Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE website take your privacy seriously. Please read the following information to learn more about this site’s privacy policy, what type of data we may gather from site visitors, cookies, and statistics tracking we may use to improve your experience on this website.

Intended Service Region

This website is only provided in the English language, and Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE’s intention is only to serve customers in the United States of America (USA). If you are a website visitor located outside of the United States of America, and you somehow stumbled upon this website, no special accommodations have been made to comply with specific privacy laws that may be in effect for your region or country. Site visitors outside of the United States of America should discontinue using this website immediately.

Email Addresses and Message Content

Email addresses, as well as all message content sent between you and Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE are treated as private and confidential. Your email address is never sold or given to any third party without your consent. If you use the contact form on this website, your message is emailed directly to Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE’s email account. If at any time you wish to have all traces of these messages removed from Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE email account, please use the telephone to call and request this action.


Business Referrals

Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE may at times, with your consent, refer you to developers, designers, or other business associates, for the purpose of, but not limited to, completing a project or work that you have requested. This is usually done if Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE does not have time to work on your project. Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE rarely has any financial incentive for doing this, and it’s usually done for your sole benefit. If Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE refers you to anyone else, this is in no way his endorsement of their work. Your experience with a referral would be stricty between you and the third party. The third party’s privacy policy may be different than Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE’s privacy policy, and you must ensure it satisfies your needs.

Statistics Tracking

This site currently uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous data about site visits. Google Analytics lets Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE know what region site visitors are from, how they found his website, how long they were on his website, and other simple information. Personally identifiable information is not tracked or collected. The Google Analytics IP anonymization feature has been implemented. The Google Analytics user ID feature is not in use, and data has been configured to be retained for 14 months. A 14 month data retention setting is currently the shortest duration available in the Google Analytics settings. Any website visitors that wish to interact with Google to ask for their right to be forgotten, or for their personal information in a machine readable format, should contact Google.

Other Website Cookies

A session cookies is required to use the contact form on this website. If you disable your cookies, these features will not work. The sole purpose of this session cookie is to ensure that form submissions are not posted by robots, and that duplicate form submissions are not possible.


Privacy Summary

This site is really quite harmless. If you have specific questions or would like more information regarding this privacy policy, please contact Ahmad Ouro-Akondo – AOACREATIVE during normal business hours.